Saturday, July 20, 2013

"New Earth Rising Global People Party" Launched

 "We are all messiahs who have simply forgotten
our true natures" -Richard Bach from "The Messiah Handbook"

"New Earth Rising Global People Party" Launched July 27 and 
August 11,2013 in Greenhills


     "Way down deep in our hearts, part of us knows that we are creatures
of light and we cannot be destroyed by anything made out of atoms
or destroyed at all -that light is indestructible-"

     British psychic Christopher Ayres leads participants during a Circle
Meditation of Knowledge and Power and shares info psychically intuited 
regarding the futures of said participants Saturday, July 27 from 1:30-7 p.m.
at Le Gran Condominium, 45 Eisenhower, Greenhills, San Juan City.

The New Earth Rising Global People Party will also be launched led by
Melanie V.Talag, director, Age of Aquarius Center for Holistic Healing, 
Reiki healer and animal lover Khrysta Rara and Transpersonal Educator / 
Astrologer Jamal Abbas.

     Advocacies will be launched in the fields of 1) Emotional Healing and
Alternative Medicine Technologies and Therapies, 2) Enlightened Guidance
of Indigo and Crystal (Psychic) Children, 3) Enlightened Transpersonal
Education, 4)Enlightened Politics and 5)Enlightened Diet and Healthy

     August 11: information will be shared on flower essences, quartz
crystals, alternative medicine technologies, opening 8th to 12th chakras
and understanding and dealing with aliens in our midst,etc. 

 For more information, please call Melanie Talag at Tel 726-2338.  Motto of
landmark-setting global people party is "Healing Myself and the Planet
now." or "HEAL-SAVE-NOW"