Monday, March 26, 2012

CROP CIRCLES: What and Why?

The AGE OF AQUARIUS CENTER is presenting a seminar on Crop Circles: What Are They? What Are They Trying To Tell Us? on April 15, 2012 at The House of 12 Senses, 78 Matatag Street (near SSS Bldg., East Ave.), Quezon City

Astrologer and spiritual seeker Jamal Ashley joins up with British psychic and Reiki Master CHRISTOPHER AYRES to unfold a whole afternoon devoted to Crop Circles and Mystic Places.

Crop circles - agriglyphs - graphic designs on land grown with either wheat, barley, corn, grass, rice, etc. are evidence that creative intelligence source most probably from another dimension is deliberately marking the earth to gain our attention. Why? And why now?

Mary Carrol Nelson in her article Crop Circles: Marking the Fields of Change for Lifestream magazine says:
"Crop circles may be a signal alerting us to make a course correction and to preserve our own civilization so that it can continue its evolution along an elevated path, more spiritual and less material, more in harmony and less adversarial, more of a circle than a box, so that humanity can at last fulfill its evolutionary destiny instead of destroying itself."


After the merienda, psychic and channel Christopher Ayres will lead the participants on an imaginary journey to Stonehenge, one of the world's most mystical and mysterious sites, where you may meet you guide and discover your destiny.

COST OF SEMINAR: P 800/participant (including merienda and info materials).
FOR RESERVATIONS: Call Melanie Talag at 7262338  or Marion Salazar at 5774289

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