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Flower Essences: Emotional healing for the next millenium


No need to wait for time to heal the emotional wounds wrought by heartbreak, depression, trauma stomach-lurching stress, rage, melancholy and a hundred other negative emotions a person is bound to experience in the course of his or her lifetime.

According to the new worldview linking negative emotional states with the physical body, all that emotional angst left untreated resurfaces as very real physical ailments like ulcers, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine, headaches, respiratory problems, allergies, psychosomatic illnesses and even cancer.

Negative emotions can be attended to and actually banished merely by swallowing a few drops of the contents of small amber-colored dropper bottles. The pills for emotional malaise as we near the next millenium are called "flower essences".

They have been around since the 1930s, ever since Dr. Edward Bach, a famous British medical doctor, homeopath and psychic, captured the life force energy of 37 English flowers for the cure of ailments he divided into seven categories: fear, insecurity, lack of interest in the present, loneliness, vulnerability to ideas and influences, despondency and despair, and excessive concern for the welfare of others.


Do you feel a constant cloud of gloom enveloping you? Take Mustard.

Still in a state of shock after discovering your mate has been two-timing you or because you've been raped, berated, castigated? Let Star of Bethlehem soothe and heal your lacerated emotions.

Lacking self-confidence to get a job, ask for a promotion or speak-up to your parents? Take Larch.

Overwhelmed by responsibilities? It's Elm for you.

Physically and mentally exhausted? Olive will perk you up.

Suffering from guilt? Take pine.

Unable to forgive? Take willow.

Are you domineering and tyrannical? Soften your personality, if at all possible, with Vine.

In terror of your life for some reasons or other? It's Rock Rose to the rescue for that particular condition.


Flower essences landed on the cover of the May/June 1995 issue of Natural Health, one of the top health magazines in the United States. Although a lot of people believed the reports of flower essences curing emotional problems were on par with eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings, testimonies obtained from 11 of 20 licensed M.D.s revealed that thedy had, in fact, been prescribing the essences for 10-20 years, with 50-70 percent favorable results.

Americans from the Northeast suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) were successfully treated with a combination of Iris (brings warmth to the soul), Yarrow (for depletion by the environment) and Sweet Chestnut (for the "dark night of the soul").

A dentist opted for Bach's Rescue Remedy ( a formula combining Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematic and Star of Bethlehem) for allaying fears and calming down patients instead of heart palpitation-producing anesthetics in his practice.

In general, the medics approve the use of flower essences for people whose wmotions or thought processes are out of control.

More than 500 North American flower essences have been discovered and are in use today worldwide; among them are: Bleeding heart for emotional self-sufficiency and the fostering of unconditional love; Borage for depression; Black Cohosh for those caught in violent and addictive relationships; Echinacea for battered wives and those shattered by severe trauma and abuse; Cherry Plum for those who are suicidal or who fear mental or emotional breakdown; Calla Lily for sexual identity problems; Hibiscus for frigidity and repression of femininf sexuality; Yerba Santa for internalized melancholy and wistful sadness that leads to respiratory problems like asthma; Golden Ear Drops for childhood traumas; Sticky Monkeyflower for balancing over- and under-active sexuality; Blackberry, Cayenne and Tansy for those who procrastinate and who need to be catalyzed into action; Black-Eyed Susan for transforming dark, negative emotions; Calendula for warmth in verbal communication; Morning Glory for drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction; Black Tourmaline for protection against psychic attacks and negativity; Indian Painbrush for creative inspiration; and, Chamomile, Dandelion and Garlic for the release of tension in stomach, muscles and solar plexus respectively.


There are dozens more to choose from, covering the whole range of emotional expression.
Flower Essence Therapy is the key to a healing journey in which Mother Nature, in the guise of beautiful flowers from the fieldss comes to lead us back to a state of emotional wholeness and health.

The principal effect of Flower Essences has been to bestoe emotional flexibility and resiliences on its user, who need not be stuck in anger, depression and fear; but, experience the full range of emotional reaction on this unique healing journey whose ultimate goal is soul growth.

For more info and flower essence consultation, contact the Age of Aquarius Center, a New Age holistic healing center. Tel: (63-2) 726-2338, Greenhills, MetroManila, Philippines
Originally published in The Philippine Star

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