Friday, December 27, 2013

Astrology and Health

by © Jamal Ashley Abbas

“A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”
– Hippocrates (born ca. 400 BC)

Astrology was studied and respected in the ancient Egyptian civilization, in the Greek and Roman civilizations, in the old Islamic civilization, and in the Renaissance. In 1125, the chair of Astrology was founded at the University of Bologna. The prestigious Cambridge University taught astrology since 1250. 

Until the 18th century, astrology was part of university students’, including medical students’, training. While claiming great astrologers of the past like Copernicus (proponent of sun-centered solar system), Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler (discovered the laws of planetary motions) for their side, Establishment astronomers renounced astrology after the twin discoveries of Uranus in 1781 and Neptune in 1846. 

Astronomy separated from Astrology and the latter lost its academic status. While astrology embraced all aspects of life, astronomy was concerned only with celestial mechanics. As a result, university students and faculty, including the medical faculty in Europe, America and the colonies, were deprived of a great deal of astrological knowledge accumulated through the millennia.

Before the 20th century, the non-astrologer physicians’ primary medicine for curing people was leeches – to bleed the patients in order to remove impurities in their blood. In movies, old books and magazines, one can still see the advertisements of various “elixirs” peddled by physicians and pharmacologists.

Today, astrology is back in business, proven by academic research such as the comprehensive study done by Michel and Fran├žoise Gauquelin, French statisticians and psychologists who gathered hundreds of thousands of birth charts for their data.

Medical Astrology

Astrologers still incorporate health aspects in their work. When a person gets sick, the astrologer draws up the astrological chart at the time of the first symptom. Each Zodiac sign rules some parts of the body. For example, Aries rules the head area, Taurus the neck area and Libra the kidneys. The mentioned astrological chart is then judged in relation to the person’s natal or birth chart, i.e., the astrological positions at the time of birth.

Persons born under a Sign usually suffers from the part of the body ruled by that sign. Thus, Arians suffer from headaches, Taureans from colds, chills and tonsillitis, and Leos suffer from heart, spine and back ailments.

The diagnosis is also based on the polarity of the signs. For example, Aries’s polarity (opposite) is Libra. If an Arian complains of headaches (the head being ruled by Aries), the probability that the headaches are caused by the kidneys (ruled by Libra) should be investigated.

Each Sign is “ruled” by a Planet (the Sun and the Moon are considered “planets”). Together, the Sign and its ruling Planet is said “to rule” or greatly influence certain parts of the body. For example, Leo and its ruler, the Sun, control the heart, back and spine including the thymus gland and the body’s immunization system. Cancer and the Moon control the breasts and the alimentary (food) system – esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, etc. Sagittarius and Jupiter control the hips, thighs and the body’s largest gland, the liver and the pituitary gland, the body’s “master gland”.

By reading the positions and relationships of the Signs and the Planets in the charts, the astrologer deduces the diseases that the subject is prone to and the probable causes of the present sickness. The astrologer then prescribes the remedy which may include herbal medicine, sometimes including the time the herbs should be gathered, or the mineral and cell salts needed by the patient. The astrologer’s prescription may include actions on the part of the patient, such as taking a vacation or expressing his/her ideas openly without fear or inhibition.

By reading the natal and other astrological charts, the astrologer gets to know the whole personality, including mental and emotional attitudes, and even the whole history of the patient. The astrologer can thus prescribe the remedy that would cure not just the present symptom but the whole being.

For example, gallbladder stones may be caused by the patient’s anger over someone or something which s/he could not express. Or for a patient with heart trouble, the charts may indicate the real cause of the problem – inability to love or being unloved.

Medical astrology is not a separate branch of astrology. Astrology is holistic – it studies the whole of (wo)man – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Hippocratic Law

Linda Goodman, in her book Star Signs (St. Martin’s Press: New York), is particularly concerned about the timing of surgery. She quotes Hippocrates who stated, “Touch not with iron that part of the body ruled by the sign the Moon is transiting.” “Touching with iron” means operating with a knife. Goodman further explained that according to Hippocrates, disobeying this law will result in 1] complications, including infection, 2] slow and painful healing and recuperation or even 3] death.

Goodman says that when a physician declares that “the operation was successful but the patient is dead,” it usually indicates that this Hippocratic law was not obeyed.

It is rather strange that medical doctors of today swear by the Hippocratic Oath, yet they do not practice or follow most of what Hippocrates advised.

Goodman gave some startling examples. Jeff Chandler, star of many detective films, went for a simple operation for a slipped disc. He died while being operated on. Cause of death? “Unnatural causes.” On that day, the Moon was in Leo, ruler of the heart, spine and the back.

Another example was Bertha Todd, first wife of Michael Todd, who later became the husband of Elizabeth Taylor. Bertha had cut her finger on a broken glass. She decided to go to the hospital the following day to have her finger stitched. Afraid that it might be painful, she asked to be anaesthetized. After the third dose of anesthesia, she died. On that day, the Moon was transiting Gemini, ruler of shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

Goodman mentioned other examples. She was emphatic in urging readers not to have any sort of operation or even injections when the Moon is transiting the Sign which rules the body part concerned. The Moon changes sign every two and a half days so the postponement of the operation will not be more than that period.

The Moon’s influence on the tides is well known. Since the human body is seventy percent water, it is but logical that the Moon would have great influence on it, too. The menstrual cycles of women are also known to be influenced by the Moon. Hence, the rationale behind the above-mentioned Hippocratic Law is that first, the Moon has great influence on the human body. Second, any surgery naturally interferes with the tidal flows of the body fluids. And third, the parts of the body ruled by the Sign the Moon is transiting at the time become especially sensitive and vulnerable. So next time you need to have a medical or dental operation, check where the Moon is transiting.



ARIES head, face (except nose), cerebral hemispheres of the brain, sub-renal glands which pump adrenalin to the system

TAURUS neck, throat, larynx, tonsils, carotid arteries and jugular vein, thyroid gland

GEMINI shoulder, arms, fingers, lungs, upper ribs

CANCER stomach, diaphragm, breasts, alimentary canal, lymph system, mammary glands

VIRGO large and small intestines and the pancreas

LIBRA kidneys

SCORPIO nose, genitals, descending colon, rectum, the blood, urethra. rules bodily outlets and procreative processes

SAGITTARIUS hips, thighs, liver, veins, femur bone, sacral region, and the sciatic nerve

CAPRICORN teeth, bones, kneecaps, skin, hair, nails and cell walls

AQUARIUS lower legs and ankles, varicose veins and circulatory system

PISCES feet and toes, the entire body system relating to “leaks” and the draining of fluids

Published in the Mr. & Ms. Magazine: Supermonthly of the Body, Mind and Spirit January 2006

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Healing for Pets and Owners

The Age of Aquarius Center is launching the "Aquarian Animal Companion Healing Consultations" with Reiki Master and animal rights and welfare advocate Khrysta Imperial Rara and Melanie Velayo Talag, Director of the Age of Aquarius Center.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"New Earth Rising Global People Party" Launched

 "We are all messiahs who have simply forgotten
our true natures" -Richard Bach from "The Messiah Handbook"

"New Earth Rising Global People Party" Launched July 27 and 
August 11,2013 in Greenhills


     "Way down deep in our hearts, part of us knows that we are creatures
of light and we cannot be destroyed by anything made out of atoms
or destroyed at all -that light is indestructible-"

     British psychic Christopher Ayres leads participants during a Circle
Meditation of Knowledge and Power and shares info psychically intuited 
regarding the futures of said participants Saturday, July 27 from 1:30-7 p.m.
at Le Gran Condominium, 45 Eisenhower, Greenhills, San Juan City.

The New Earth Rising Global People Party will also be launched led by
Melanie V.Talag, director, Age of Aquarius Center for Holistic Healing, 
Reiki healer and animal lover Khrysta Rara and Transpersonal Educator / 
Astrologer Jamal Abbas.

     Advocacies will be launched in the fields of 1) Emotional Healing and
Alternative Medicine Technologies and Therapies, 2) Enlightened Guidance
of Indigo and Crystal (Psychic) Children, 3) Enlightened Transpersonal
Education, 4)Enlightened Politics and 5)Enlightened Diet and Healthy

     August 11: information will be shared on flower essences, quartz
crystals, alternative medicine technologies, opening 8th to 12th chakras
and understanding and dealing with aliens in our midst,etc. 

 For more information, please call Melanie Talag at Tel 726-2338.  Motto of
landmark-setting global people party is "Healing Myself and the Planet
now." or "HEAL-SAVE-NOW"

Monday, March 26, 2012

CROP CIRCLES: What and Why?

The AGE OF AQUARIUS CENTER is presenting a seminar on Crop Circles: What Are They? What Are They Trying To Tell Us? on April 15, 2012 at The House of 12 Senses, 78 Matatag Street (near SSS Bldg., East Ave.), Quezon City

Astrologer and spiritual seeker Jamal Ashley joins up with British psychic and Reiki Master CHRISTOPHER AYRES to unfold a whole afternoon devoted to Crop Circles and Mystic Places.

Crop circles - agriglyphs - graphic designs on land grown with either wheat, barley, corn, grass, rice, etc. are evidence that creative intelligence source most probably from another dimension is deliberately marking the earth to gain our attention. Why? And why now?

Mary Carrol Nelson in her article Crop Circles: Marking the Fields of Change for Lifestream magazine says:
"Crop circles may be a signal alerting us to make a course correction and to preserve our own civilization so that it can continue its evolution along an elevated path, more spiritual and less material, more in harmony and less adversarial, more of a circle than a box, so that humanity can at last fulfill its evolutionary destiny instead of destroying itself."


After the merienda, psychic and channel Christopher Ayres will lead the participants on an imaginary journey to Stonehenge, one of the world's most mystical and mysterious sites, where you may meet you guide and discover your destiny.

COST OF SEMINAR: P 800/participant (including merienda and info materials).
FOR RESERVATIONS: Call Melanie Talag at 7262338  or Marion Salazar at 5774289

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sound Frequencies and Crystal Meditations seminar

Saving Oneself and the Planet: Self-Transformation Technologies using Sound Frequencies and Crystal Meditations for 2012, the End of the Mayan Calendar

1:30 – 6:00 PM Sunday Feb. 12, 2012
                                98 Matatag St., Diliman, Q.C.
                                (back of SSS Building, East Ave, Q.C.)
Call:        Melanie Talag , Director, Age of Aquarius Center
                Tel. 726 2338
                Marion Rivas, Director, Home of the Twelve Senses
                Tel. 577 4289

The Flower of Life Meditation 

Ok, so every psychic, savant, light worker are agreed that something apolcalyptic is about to happen. The only question is in what guise is it going to appear -- waterfalls of oblivion, a psychic tsunami, terror from the skies or from the bowels of the Earth?

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF AND THE PLANET. You can RAISE your FREQUENCY LEVEL and inititiate transformative little changes in your own life and the world at large.

There are various Self-Technologies using SOUND, TONES, LIGHT and CRYSTALS to increase your MIND POWERS through effective MEDITATION that can result in: 1) Direct Intuitive Connection to your Higher Self, 2) Protection during any type of Earth Changes and 3) Ability to Heal the Heart.

Esoteric researcher and astrologer Jamal Ashley will explain the Spiritual Meaning of the Mayan Calendar -- the Evolution of Consciousness and will guide the participants on an overview of technologies that could help one in Raising One's Consciousness through the use of Sound, Light and Meditation techniques.

Sylvia Mariano, owner of MINEX, the suppliers of genuine quartz crystals in the Philippines will talk on USING QUARTZ CRYSTALS FOR GUIDANCE IN 2012.

Cost of Seminar: P 800 / person
Includes info materials on Knowledge, Protection and Healing Yourself 

Friday, August 26, 2011

seminar: 2012 - What's it all about


WHAT: Seminar on 2012 -- Astrological and Astronomical aspects
the Mayan calendar system
Personal and World Renewal
WHERE: House of 12 Senses
98 Matatag St., Q.C. (near SSS, East Avenue)
WHEN: Sept 11, 2011
              1:30-6:00 pm
Age of Aquarius Center
tel. no. 726 2338

2012 - The End??!!?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flower Essences: Emotional healing for the next millenium


No need to wait for time to heal the emotional wounds wrought by heartbreak, depression, trauma stomach-lurching stress, rage, melancholy and a hundred other negative emotions a person is bound to experience in the course of his or her lifetime.

According to the new worldview linking negative emotional states with the physical body, all that emotional angst left untreated resurfaces as very real physical ailments like ulcers, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine, headaches, respiratory problems, allergies, psychosomatic illnesses and even cancer.

Negative emotions can be attended to and actually banished merely by swallowing a few drops of the contents of small amber-colored dropper bottles. The pills for emotional malaise as we near the next millenium are called "flower essences".

They have been around since the 1930s, ever since Dr. Edward Bach, a famous British medical doctor, homeopath and psychic, captured the life force energy of 37 English flowers for the cure of ailments he divided into seven categories: fear, insecurity, lack of interest in the present, loneliness, vulnerability to ideas and influences, despondency and despair, and excessive concern for the welfare of others.


Do you feel a constant cloud of gloom enveloping you? Take Mustard.

Still in a state of shock after discovering your mate has been two-timing you or because you've been raped, berated, castigated? Let Star of Bethlehem soothe and heal your lacerated emotions.

Lacking self-confidence to get a job, ask for a promotion or speak-up to your parents? Take Larch.

Overwhelmed by responsibilities? It's Elm for you.

Physically and mentally exhausted? Olive will perk you up.

Suffering from guilt? Take pine.

Unable to forgive? Take willow.

Are you domineering and tyrannical? Soften your personality, if at all possible, with Vine.

In terror of your life for some reasons or other? It's Rock Rose to the rescue for that particular condition.


Flower essences landed on the cover of the May/June 1995 issue of Natural Health, one of the top health magazines in the United States. Although a lot of people believed the reports of flower essences curing emotional problems were on par with eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings, testimonies obtained from 11 of 20 licensed M.D.s revealed that thedy had, in fact, been prescribing the essences for 10-20 years, with 50-70 percent favorable results.

Americans from the Northeast suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) were successfully treated with a combination of Iris (brings warmth to the soul), Yarrow (for depletion by the environment) and Sweet Chestnut (for the "dark night of the soul").

A dentist opted for Bach's Rescue Remedy ( a formula combining Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematic and Star of Bethlehem) for allaying fears and calming down patients instead of heart palpitation-producing anesthetics in his practice.

In general, the medics approve the use of flower essences for people whose wmotions or thought processes are out of control.

More than 500 North American flower essences have been discovered and are in use today worldwide; among them are: Bleeding heart for emotional self-sufficiency and the fostering of unconditional love; Borage for depression; Black Cohosh for those caught in violent and addictive relationships; Echinacea for battered wives and those shattered by severe trauma and abuse; Cherry Plum for those who are suicidal or who fear mental or emotional breakdown; Calla Lily for sexual identity problems; Hibiscus for frigidity and repression of femininf sexuality; Yerba Santa for internalized melancholy and wistful sadness that leads to respiratory problems like asthma; Golden Ear Drops for childhood traumas; Sticky Monkeyflower for balancing over- and under-active sexuality; Blackberry, Cayenne and Tansy for those who procrastinate and who need to be catalyzed into action; Black-Eyed Susan for transforming dark, negative emotions; Calendula for warmth in verbal communication; Morning Glory for drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction; Black Tourmaline for protection against psychic attacks and negativity; Indian Painbrush for creative inspiration; and, Chamomile, Dandelion and Garlic for the release of tension in stomach, muscles and solar plexus respectively.


There are dozens more to choose from, covering the whole range of emotional expression.
Flower Essence Therapy is the key to a healing journey in which Mother Nature, in the guise of beautiful flowers from the fieldss comes to lead us back to a state of emotional wholeness and health.

The principal effect of Flower Essences has been to bestoe emotional flexibility and resiliences on its user, who need not be stuck in anger, depression and fear; but, experience the full range of emotional reaction on this unique healing journey whose ultimate goal is soul growth.

For more info and flower essence consultation, contact the Age of Aquarius Center, a New Age holistic healing center. Tel: (63-2) 726-2338, Greenhills, MetroManila, Philippines
Originally published in The Philippine Star